Life after China is go!


Today we(or rather I) are very happy to launch our newest blog project; Life after China. It is the follow-on to our previous project; Team Wuxi is go!

From February through until  October 2008, Courtney and myself spent 8 months living and teaching in China. Based in Wuxi; a ‘small’ city of 4.3 million, approximately 100 kilometres southwest of Shanghai. Dubbed ‘Little Shanghai’ due to it’s rapidly growing skyline, it is nestled beside Taihu lake(or Lake Tai), China’s 3rd largest freshwater lake.

During our time in China we experienced an absolute plethora of emotions and whilst times were often hard, we were witness to, and part of, some of the most random events I would never have imagined myself apart of.

Since our return to Australia, China has been firmly encrusted into our minds. Our interest in the country has only increased and we find ourselves in the probable throes of reverse culture-shock, trying to absorb anything and everything China.

From documentaries, to current news articles and travel literature, we are both missing the country that was our home for the better part of a year. While we are both glad to have returned home and to get on with life, a small part of us remains in China.

The purpose of this blog is for us to continue our relationship with China. It is a place for us to reflect, talk about current affairs and any other interests that arise along the way. Not everything will be related to China, but that will be the main focus of this blog.

Life after China refers to our home-coming and what we feel is a continued link to this age old country. Of course it does not mean China has gone someplace(at least it hadn’t at the time of writing this!), but indirectly nods towards the fact that China; already one of the world’s dominant powerplayers, continues to grow. Where China will be in 10 years time is anyones guess, but the only thing certain is it’s exciting watching its development!


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