NOW! I want it NOW!


Came across this video and it’s an absolute pisser!

Supposedly this woman is outright demanding her husband to buy her this new stylish Buick. Someone in the thread translated it. The words at the end supposedly say, Rich People.

Man: This car does not suit you.
Woman: This car DOES suit me.
Man: Every time we go shopping it is like this, I am not going to buy this car for you.
(woman gets in card)
Man: Stop stop stop, stop driving, get out of he car…
Man: Stop stop stop, I will buy, I will buy, I will buy…swipe my card, swipe my card…

Absolute classic. I could so see this happening. If there’s one thing the Chinese are pro’s at, it’s making a scene in public and absolutely caring nothing for who may be watching. It was common place to see couples having a full fledged fight  – screaming matches, running to taxi’s, slapping each other. I saw one woman give her guy a nice big kick in the ass! Ah China, love it 😉


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