Born bad.


It has been reported that in China, birth defects are on the rise due to ever increasing pollution. Supposedly every 30 seconds, a child is born with defects of some nature. This is an unbelievably bad problem. Why? Well not just because the babies themselves are born with something wrong with them – in China, with the one child policy, if something is wrong with the child it can make it incredibly difficult to find employment when they are older. There are tales all over the country how families already deep in poverty have the parents forced back into work as their only son has lost a limb or somesuch in a workplace accident. The children are the link forward. They become the income earners, carrying the family forward until their children in turn take over that responsbility.

So with an environment that’s showing no signs of improvement, what happens next when crops sewn in chemical soil start to be insufficient to eat? And beside that – if a baby is being born every 30 seconds with a birth defect  – how many babies are being born normal?! For a country with such a ridiculously large population it just boggles the mind to think that they are growing at such an enormous rate. It will be truly interesting to see where it is in 50 years from now.


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