In China? You’d be shot!


That’s right, if you dared to throw a shoe at a government official; particularly one as important as the PM, Wen Jiabao, you’d be hauled away and never heard from again. We always liked the look of Wen Jiabao, he always had this genuinely happy, smiling face. He looked like a nice man. You know how sometimes you can just tell whether someone looks nice or nasty? Well we got good vibes from Wen, despite not knowing much about him at all! He was heavily involved with the recovery efforts after the Sichuan earthquake disaster – and whether or not it was propaganda images is unclear, but he was out there and did appear to be genuinely helping. Most of the country did actually. It was heavilly covered by Chinese TV at the time.

It is good though that some Chinese saw the funny side of the incident. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Jianchao said that state leaders should be respected, however to laughter, added, “Next time I should watch out for not only [those] who are raising their hands, but also [those] who are untying their shoelaces.”

I guess it’s just lucky for the thrower, that the shoes missed!

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