Randy Gerbils; the desert destroyers.


In the Northwest of China, a huge land area known as the Xinjiang region is what you would call mostly desert. This somewhat fragile ecosystem has a limited number of plants, and those plants are in danger from Chinese desert gerbils destroying their roots.

So, in what must have been deemed a chinese stroke of genius, Chinese authorities are lacing bran feed with the contraceptive pill. Why? Well a female gerbil on the pill can not get pregnant, and those already pregnant will give birth to still-borns in what is deemed a much more humane way to deal with the ever increasing problem. Supposedly the gerbil numbers are already on the decline.

Previously, authorities had installed hundreds of perches for hawks and owls – the natural predators of these little randy gerbils. Unfortunately these didn’t work.

All in all it’s just another interesting day in the life of China – you do have to hand it to them, some of their solutions to things are just plain logical and a crack-up at the same time.


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