Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow


Oh the weather is cold and frightful – and government induced… For what is reported as the 2nd time this season alone, Beijing has been hit by a snowstorm that is the direct result of seeding the clouds. Via whatever means, the clouds are laced with chemicals to create rain – or in the case of winter – snow. During the Olympics, this method was employed to encourage rain showers in order to wash away the summer dust and smog residue of Summer.

I am not sure how I feel about them doing something like this. On one hand I can see where they would need to start taking measures to deal with an ongoing drought affecting the countries north – but at what cost? Would you want to be drinking water from clouds that is the results of chemicals being added to them? The water is already not drinkable – bottled water being the only option. China is affected by pollution caused acid-rain as is, which when you think of it going into the ground that’s being used to grow the majority of the food…well, I think down the track, this is all going to raise its ugly head, but in a big, nasty way.



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