And in completely unrelated news, Microsoft wields the Xbox banhammer.


In other news, I may or may not be affected by Microsoft’s recent ban fest which has resulted in upwards of 600,000 consoles in the US and Canada alone. In fact the bannings for modified consoles have been reported worldwide, with *cough* Australian’s also affected.

Microsoft claims that all bannings were justified and banned consoles were proven to have breached the EULA. Offering no reasoning as to the specifics (thus preventing those with modded consoles from working out a way around the issue), the number of banned consoles could even be as high as 1,000,000. Considering there’s some 20 million xbox consoles out there, that’s approximately 3 percent of the Xbox Live online community.

It makes me wonder whether this is legitimately an effort to prevent piracy, or encourage re-purchasing of new xbox consoles, driving up sales. One also wonders if competitors such as the PS3 will suddenly see a surge in online sales.

While console piracy is nothing new, it amuses me to think back to the sale of consoles and games in China, where practically 100% of them were modified. I am not aware of an Xbox live type service in China, and doubt one would ever make it there, as well – the Chinese just plain and simple wouldnt pay for such a service.

We now return you to your regular viewing…


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