Learn Chinese Everyday


Recently I stumbled across a website called simply, Learn Chinese Everyday. A completely free website run by a woman named Min Min, it provides one new Chinese character every 24 hours and a range of options associated with it. It firstly shows you the stroke order via a flash animation, proper pronunciation, it’s meaning, and possibly the best part – a range of sentences using the word in all its various forms.

While I have been slacking off in the language learning department lately, I have been trying to make an effort to visit this site at least once per day. For anyone learning Chinese, it’s definitely a great little resource – moreso considering it’s free!

I’ve added a link to the site over there ->, and of course, kudos to Min Min!

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One Response to “Learn Chinese Everyday”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    To make sentences out of the words that you have learned, check out the free Learn Chinese Weekly blog at http://teachmechinese.wordpress.com.

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