Fireworks -1, Ancient gate – 0


If you’ll look back through the months you’ll notice that I always seem to enjoy a good fireworks related incident – and well, I suppose it’s largely true. While of course I don’t take pleasure at other people’s misfortune, I can honestly say that mishaps using the largely uncontrolled fireworks never seem to disappoint – or possibly surprise would be more accurate way to describe it.

In downtown Zhengding County, Hebei Province, an ancient gate known as Changlemen has been burned to the ground in what the government says was fireworks or perhaps lantern related. Regardless of the cause, five officials have been held accountable, with three being insta-fired, another two receiving official warnings.

Thanks to Chinese New Year, this time of year is most definitely fireworks season, with large parts of the country sounding like a warzone for several weeks straight. While I understand the need to scare away evil spirits – the whole lack of control around fireworks is getting a little bit beyond a joke.

In Australia, they’re effectively illegal everywhere beyond our nation’s capital – a fact I still can’t completely comprehend. Only recently, someone blew most of his face off by setting them off in their backyard, proving that humans + hand held explosive entertainment devices simply do not mix. Multiple this by an absolutely massive scale, and it’s inevitable things (or people) are going to burn.

Unfortunately in this case, the poor historic gate Changlemen, was the victim. Having been originally built in the fifth century, it had only just recently been vigorously restored at a cost of 4 million Yuan. These gates are erected atop city walls used in ancient times to protect the cities they surround. The only question is, what protects the poor gates?


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2 Responses to “Fireworks -1, Ancient gate – 0”

  1. Eric Says:

    yes, fireworks sometines are dangerous!
    The 2010 Taiwan lartern festival had more than 30 people to be hurt by fireworks!

  2. Marcus Says:

    Really? What happened?

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