This just in: Fireworks can hurt you!


Ok you’ll need to be seated for this one…

In a village in Guangdong province, a fireworks related blast has killed 19 people and injured a further 50. That’s right, a fireworks related blast…I know, I know, it’s hard to comprehend. Right – I shouldn’t make fun of something like this – and in reality I’m not, but these stories continue to amaze me. Will these people never learn?

The ‘blast’ occurred outside a block of apartments, and judging by various images floating around, burned most of them. Some people were so badly burned that police had to do DNA tests to actually identify them. A farmer who lives 200 metres away said the force of the explosion actually put cracks through his walls and floor.

So that then raises the question, WHAT THE HELL WERE THEY DOING!?! Did all the locals pool their fireworks stores together into one big pile then set them alight, in what would surely be the ultimate celebration? I wouldn’t be surprised…

You know the old saying…another day another firework related death. China will never change.


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