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China is reputedly in negotiations with 17 different countries to build a high speed rail network. In what is expected to take ten years, China would suddenly be linked to places such as India and Europe by a system of trains that could travel up to 320 km/hour. Passengers would be able to jump on board a train in England and arrive in Beijing two days later! Now that is cool – and likely preferable to the extreme discomfort of flying. Sure, flying might shave off some hours, but does anyone other than first class actually feel comfortable in those cramped seats?

We travelled around China in sleeper trains that went nowhere near that speed and while I still found it almost impossible to sleep on them; as they noisily rattled their way across the countryside, give me a pillow and an actual bed any-day to an airline seat. And another thing – whilst we didnt sleep on one, we used these faster trains extensively and despite their extra speed, to ride in one is absolutely smooth as silk. I would bet that sleeping in one would be that much easier.

 Here’s hoping the next step is to build some massive underwater train connection to Australia, as I sure as hell would like to re-include Shanghai on my regular visitation list again.


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3 Responses to “We will link you”

  1. Mandy and Rob Says:

    Greetings from Cyprus, enjoyed the blog, Regards


  2. Eric Says:

    well,to build some massive underwater train connection to Australia will be the greatest project in the world, I would like to see it comes true!

  3. Marcus Says:

    Hey thanks. That looks pretty amazing where you’re living right now…

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