Stern Hu cops ten years in a Chinese prison.


In what has been a long and drawn out process, the verdict has been finally delivered to Stern Hu; the Australian Rio Tinto executive who was accused by the Chinese Government of accepting bribes and stealing state secrets. For his efforts; whether they were true or not, Mr Hu has been awarded ten years in a Shanghai prison in which I am sure is to be ten years of unabated enjoyment. His fellow Rio Tinto employees likewise scored sentences ranging from seven to fourteen years.

Stern Hu admitted to accepting bribes, though it is unclear to this particular reader whether or not he actually confessed to stealing state secrets. This whole ordeal has been critisised for its secrecy and it makes you wonder whether simply admitting to anything was outright better than potentially nastier punishments. In particular, it raises the question of whether or not it is in fact safe to work in China as a high level foreign businessman as it seems that foreign Governments can do little to weigh in, when Beijing has made up its mind on a particular matter.

One thing is for sure in that China is gaining momentum in the power stakes, as more and more countries such as Australia seem reluctant to want to tilt the boat when it comes to potentially risking their precious trading agreements. So what then if you become accused of something you didnt do, and your Government cant protect you? I for one consider that a scary thought.


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