Sit, stand and smile…now roll-over?


The Air Hostess for Guangzhou Asian Games competition has kicked off in southern China with the aim of recruiting over 1000 new flight attendants. China Daily reports that it is the largest scale aviation industry recruitment drive ever seen in China, and supposedly attracted over 10,000 girls from all over the country.

Finding a quality job in China is no easy task – well unless you want a terribly low paid factory job which is actually in abundance right now. The younger generations; often coming from the new middle classes, are more interested in obtaining good quality jobs (hell, aren’t we all?) – the only problem is insane competition.

The airline industry has always had a degree of exoticness associated with it – I mean, whenever you see a band of pilots and hostesses checking in for their flight, they always look classy right? While it’s true, they always present well, I highly doubt that anyone in the western world is forced to go through some of the ridiculous routines that the Chinese deem appropriate in selecting ‘the right person.’

I remember seeing lots of this prior to the Beijing Olympics, where lines and lines of models were forced to smile for hours on end, standing perfectly still – the key word being perfect. It would seem in order to become a hostess, one must possess similar traits.

Smiling practice - employing the ancient pen in mouth technique for that perfect smile!


One must stand straight or one has no business being here!


Precision sitting - next up - Dinner tray juggling


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