Student success!


A fourteen year old female student from Jiangsu province is set to walk into the Chinese history books as potentially the youngest ever person to be accepted into one of China’s top universities. Hong Xinge from Tian Yi Middle School was the youngest of ninety selected students from all over the country, to take part in a pilot program aimed at improving the countries notorious university entrance system. This story is of particular interest to me as Hong Xinge; or Cecilia as I knew her, was in fact one of my students – though as much as I would love to claim some hand in her success, I had nothing to do with it 🙂

The program is designed to allow star students such as Cecilia, to gain entry to the university via a well earned back-door. Particularly high achieving students may be nominated by a select group of school principles which will potentially allow them to skip the very difficult university entrance exams.

Cecilia was in ‘Class 1’, one of two classes full of the best performing students in her particular year level. She often sat at the front of class and throughout my English classes, hung on my every word. Early into my stay in China, she hand-wrote me a letter which one day before class, I found waiting for me on my teaching podium. I was instantly endeared to her. Since then, I have always kept an eye on the Tian Yi website and have noticed her showing up in photos from time to time – the winner of various competitions – from English ability to even some fruit platter decoration challenge run by the school.

Cecilia’s English ability was impressive and she would always ask me grammatical questions that had me; a supposed native speaker, running for the dictionary. I remember one day in class, when I was playing Hang-man on the board, I allowed her to host a round of it. She chose a word that to this day, I still have no idea what it means – nor can I remember it for that matter!

I was so happy;  and completely unsurprised, to come across this news story, and hope that even in some tiny way, I contributed to her success!


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