In the name of Art


As part of the 5th Lianzhou International Photo Festival which opened last weekend in Lianzhou, Guangdong province, artist and TV presenter Ou Zhihang has toured the country, photographing himself performing naked, ‘Ou-style push-ups’ before various landmarks.

“I love my country, I also love my body. I contrast my tiny body with the ‘miracle of the world’ through the popular exercise – push-up.”


I have to admit, I am very fond of the often bizarre interpretations of art which come out of China, including the work of Liu Bolin, who paints his entire body to blend in to his surroundings – appearing almost transparent.

Beijing has an entire district named 798 dedicated to art, and is a must-see destination for anyone with even an inkling of interest in the creative world.

Outside the Potala Palace

The CCTV building - remember my article 'the towering inferno?' Note the burnt out husk on the left..that's it 🙂

The Forbidden City - I bet the guards would have been all over him like seagulls had they spotted him.

And of course no naked tour would be complete without visiting the Bird's Nest


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