1 vs 500


While the western world was barraged by the media circus that was the fall of Tiger Woods; from squeaky clean golf pro, to the king of the extra-marital affair, the eastern world was enjoying (or repulsed) by the tale of Wang Cheng – the lowly communist party official whose rise to power was nothing if not unique.

 In the central province of Anhui, Mr Wang was a low ranking party official in a country town. Not happy with his lot in life, he decided to plot out a network of people which he could harvest; swapping favours for hefty wads of cash. Before long, his salary had grown from the original 1,600 Yuan monthly, into the regions of 100,000 Yuan per year. The low ranking country official was now a medium weight city party member, with a degree of power now at his beck and call.

 You see, Wang Cheng was a man with direction – though initially unbeknownst to his wife, this direction involved making as much money as possible through bribes….and his ultimate goal: sleeping with between 600 and 800 women… That’s right, not 2, or 5, or even 20, someway, somehow, his target market was 6-800, and one wonders, why if he was going to go to all that effort, why not try 1000?

So how exactly does a strapping businessman maintain such numerous, secret sexual conquests without his family actually finding out? Easy – he works later and later and later nights until such time as he’s rarely coming home – that’s not going to raise suspicion or anything is it?. Of course, he also writes it all down in a diary, where every gory detail of every scandalous female conquest is kept for the entire world to enjoy – particularly his wife.

 Unfortunately Wang Cheng has since been arrested and is expected to be jailed, as the Chinese government struggles to deal with rampant corruption in its ranks – particularly from within. While he fell well short of his original target, he did in fact manage to bed over 500 women – which is an achievement in itself.

So where does it end? While what this man has done is surely disgraceful and of course is not reflective of all Chinese citizens– who also then are these 500 women – willing to sleep with this turd of a man to advance their own careers? How does one stop corruption when seemingly most; if not all people, are willing to become involved in it themselves? Is this simply a direct result of an over-sized population, where lack of opportunity forces people to ‘think outside the square’?

While China is most definitely growing as a world power…outwardly…inwardly, I think they are nowhere near as close to claiming this responsbility as they would like. It’s one thing to be strong economically, but when your insides are torn apart by a lack of ethical value, you’re your own worst enemy. Corruption is a terrible thing. While a few people can really make a difference, if the many are corrupt, all that good work is for nothing.


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