Another day, another attack in China


In what is becoming a terrible pattern, there has been yet a further attack in China. It has been reported that a man in the city of Foshan in Guandong province has singled out young females, hacking and wounding six of them before taking his own life. While the crime itself is terrible, thankfully it appears no-one was killed – beyond the fiend responsible.

While these cleaver attacks are terrible, the real sad part is that it is occuring in a country not normally associated with such violent crimes. I for one couldn’t have felt safer whilst in China, and enjoyed that particular aspect of it. It was refreshingly devoid of drunk louts and druggies and all of that anti-social element. While there were certainly no shortage of other annoyances to fill in those particular holes, overall it was a different experience to that which I expected.

So now that these attacks are occuring, particularly in such a short space of time, I can only imagine the level of paranoia gripping the general populace. The problem with paranoia in itself can lead to further violence. One can only hope that these events simply stop, or more drastic action is taken to prevent more from happening.


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