Off to China!


I received an SMS last night from a dear friend of mine who is about to embark on a holiday through China. Since leaving Australia, my friends have been living in the UK and have been travelling absolutely everywhere. They have decided to pull up roots again and live in Canada for a period, though before they make it there, they’re going for a tour around first China, and then Inner Mongolia. If I said I wasn’t jealous, I would be lying 🙂

I was really hoping that these guys would have been able to come and visit me whilst I was actually living in China. Unfortunately though, due to the complexities involved with planning an international trip of that nature (costs, being able to take leave etc) just make that kind of thing super difficult. One of the best parts of having people visit you whilst actually living there is you can ‘show-off’ to a degree. Particularly in a country like China, where it is not an easy place to get around – it’s not rocket science, but it’s certainly not that easy either.

While it’s still spring in China now, every day would be getting increasingly hotter;  if not already boiling. The humidity would be cranking, giving the air a sort of non-fresh feeling that always had my nose feeling twitchy. First they will be going to Guangzhou and then to Kunming, in which I assume they will then head to Chengdu. After that they will likely head through Shanghai and up to Beijing, before 15 or so days in Mongolia on a tour.

Ok I admit, I am extremely jealous of their trip and I wish I was there with them! I’d love to head back to China if only to test my Chinese out. Since returning to Australia, I have come a very long way in the language learning department. While I am currently on a brief hiatus from study;  the character/hanzi study having really worn me out, I still try and do it on a regular basis.

I feel a little apprehensive about just how they will feel about China. I have raved about it so much to so many people that I worry that their actual impressions will be vastly different from my own. I was armed with basic language skills and had weathered the culture shock to find the goodness behind the layer of smog, rubbish and spit – and I wonder if tourists; who are new to the country and looking for that ‘authentic experience’ – well I wonder what they will think when confronted by everything the mainland has to offer – moreso if it’s authentic.

While China is a terrific place to explore – it’s also a place that; at a glance, can be completely polarising.


2 Responses to “Off to China!”

  1. Anna Says:

    MMD, I am so glad we visited this blog today, and now see this! I really wish you guys were still here, or that we did the trip earlier, but as you said the complexities involved prevented this from happening.
    I have to tell you, we are loving it, and cant wait to come back and do the country thing, rather than city hopping. Every city is different, and it is getting hotter by the day but every experience, good or bad, has been worthwhile (though stay tuned for the post 30 hour hard sleeper train experience we are are about to embark upon).
    There have been some… well, difficult and frustrating times, where China starts to grate on you, but when you over come that with Vickie’s advice – drink beer when you get stressed out – its all just an interesting learning experience!
    Cant wait to talk to you all about it when we see you in a month or so, would be great to get your take on a few things we just dont get!
    See you soon,
    the de Souza’s

  2. Marcus Says:

    Haha hi! Glad you guys are having a good time, and hats off to you for a _30 hour_ hard sleeper trip – can NOT wait to hear about that one 🙂

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