Sounds like luck.


As it gets closer to Chinese New Year, the local Asian supermarkets of Box Hill start to display a vast array of gimmicky golden goods available for purchase. These will appear on special benches set out front of the stores, signifying that a holiday event is coming.

From boxes of gaudily displayed mooncakes, to epic golden sailing ships, they each have their own individual meanings – none of them making any sense to the average westerner!

So lately one re-occurring item has grabbed my curiosity; the golden pineapple. These spikey tropical delights are often sitting on a bed of what looks to be gold ingots and had me thinking, what the hell is the significance of the pineapple? And who would buy it? Well of course there is a specific meaning behind it…and a very Chinesey one at that:

The Chinese sound of Pineapple is similar to “luck coming your way” and hence it has become an important symbol of good wealth, fortune and prosperity. The Pineapple can always be seen used in important Chinese festivities such as the Lunar new year or during birthdays of deities. This golden pineapple is accompanied by another symbol of good fortune – gold ingots.

Display the Golden Pineapple with Gold Ingots in your living room, bedroom, business premises, shops, offices, preferably in the Southeast corner (wealth corner) to enhance your wealth and money luck.

So there you have it-  because the Chinese word for Pineapple sounds like “luck coming your way”, it’s in turn lucky. I guess it’s lucky the word for ass doesn’t sound like wealth, or we’d be seeing a hell of lot more golden anuses than usual!


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One Response to “Sounds like luck.”

  1. Vicki Says:

    I was in China last summer, loved it, and miraculously one of my photos is now a Grand Prize Finalist in an online Travel and Leisure vote, until the end of Feb. and also in the current magazine.

    You can see the finalists, and VOTE by going to (clicking on)

    My photograph is the one of the young farmer with the large load of grain on his back, entitled A Smile Lightens The Load, shot in the Tibetan Plateau.

    If you click on that shot, on the site, it should say, VOTE FOR THIS PHOTO above the photo.

    PLEASE feel free to forward this on to anyone else who might be able to vote to, as I am trying to spread the word as far and wide as possible.

    With much excitement, and many thanks,


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