True Legend


The other night I watched a movie called True Legend (simplified Chinese: 苏乞儿; traditional Chinese: 蘇乞兒; pinyin: Sū qǐ ér). While I am not a massive fan of martial arts movies, I have a definite soft spot for those set in Period China. Not just Period China, but those that deliver on the, I suppose you would call it Chinese mythology. Larger than life martial arts heroes…you know, the kind that dance across rooftops, bound over water etc. True Legend was definitely a movie in that spirit and on that level, I have to say it really did deliver.

If you liked movies such as Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Red Cliff or even Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame (which I also saw recently and really enjoyed!), then chances are you’ll like this movie. While the plot was nothing amazing, and it had an entire 40-50ish minute ending scene which was a bit…um why is this even in the movie, but beyond that, it had some of the best fight choreography that I have seen in any movie of its kind in recent times.

The fighting in movies like this becomes a feature unto itself. When its pulled off properly, when it looks natural, it can be a really, really enjoyable thing. True Legend was definitely about the combat. On top of that it also had some really interesting locations.

It was also refreshing to watch a movie that was in Mandarin, not Cantonese. I really do not like Cantonese. Mandarin has a much nicer sound to it, Cantonese sounds too plucky too me, too Vietnamese. The lah’s on the end of everything….I just do not like the sound of it. I was able to make out a large number of different things from the Mandarin dialogue which was really satisfying. Though for every one thing i knew, there was twenty I didnt.

Anyway, tangent aside, check this movie out. Ignore the last 40-50 minutes, ignore the fact the main character, Su Can, is played by an actor with a bit of a pansy look/voice, (Man Cheuk Chiu who I am actually not overly familiar with), and actually, ignore everything in that last part. It had poor dialogue, poor acting, and even the combat was nothing to write home about. I’m not really selling this am I?

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  1. DWong Says:

    Looks sweet!! Following their updates on Facebook. Cool stuff

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