Shanghai to Disney up it’s Pudong


In what has to be the world capital for humans (both male and female) wearing articles of clothing featuring Disney characters, China has finally announced that work on its very first Disneyland has commenced. While there is an existing Disneyland in Hong Kong – which I guess is China, exorbitant travel and document costs for actually leaving the country prevent most Mainland Chinese from actually visiting it.

The new 24.4 billion Yuan ($3.7 billion) Disney will be situated in Shanghai’s Pudong district, with over five thousand residents being forcibly relocated elsewhere to make room. This makes me wonder exactly where in Pudong it’s being placed, as Pudong in itself is largely a newly developed area (well within years as opposed to decades etc). Many of the buildings here are high rise business offices and many new communities – including expat oasis’s. It makes me wonder whether these relocated people are existing residents, or those who felt largely secure being established in a new area, and have been given the marching orders again!

While the Hong Kong Disney has been criticized for underwhelming attendance figures, its own interest-building expansion also currently underway, you can basically guarantee that once the doors open to this new Shanghai Disney….well I think we might be seeing some record breaking queues on the horizon. This place is going to get _swamped_ by Chinese tourists. If you’re of western descent and really wish to visit a Disneyland…I think you’ll be better off going to effectively any other Disney J


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2 Responses to “Shanghai to Disney up it’s Pudong”

  1. Anna Says:

    I love what you say about queues because in our short time traveling China we understood the Chinese love to queue, and even sleep in the queue. Shanghai World Expo was insane, I reckon if three or four people lined up, others would swarm from all over to queue behind them with no clue of what they are queuing for!
    The new Disney is going to be huge, and an absolute nightmare for those who hate crowds and hate queues, ie me. Its the lack of respect for personal space that gets me. A Chinese man may have three feet behind him but he still stands close enough to feel his breath on your neck!

  2. Marcus Says:

    Hah, if you think they love to queue, go try getting on a bus, or an express check-out at one of the massive supermarkets in China….that aint no queue 🙂

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