Comfortably fast


                As I read yet another article focusing on China’s ever increasing rail system I think, why oh why can’t we pay the Chinese to come in to Australia and build us some proper high speed infrastructure. Despite all the problems and issues, the Chinese just seem to get it done. While I am aware that train travel is also an integral part of Chinese mobility, it still doesn’t stop me from feeling like I need to have a whinge!

                This latest train, which reportedly gets up to a speed of 314km/hour, looks like an absolute beast – a luxurious beast at that. This one comes complete with first class trappings, more akin to flying than train travel.

                I have particularly fond memories of the high speed train we used to take between Wuxi and Shanghai. It was an hour long trip in comfortable seats on a train so stable that you had to double-check  that it was actually moving. That train was also fast, but seemed to only really hit the higher speeds (from memory around 230ish km/hour) in the middle of the trip. For most of the journey it would cruise along at around the 150 km/hour mark, making me wonder whether there were some kind of speed limits within certain proximity of towns.

                The train takes around five and a half hours to get between Shanghai and Beijing, with around ninety services running per day – that’s some serious people movement.

                Ah China, I wish I could return to you.

The Governator checks out one of the new high speed trains...


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3 Responses to “Comfortably fast”

  1. spans Says:

    At least there is decent train infrastructure in Australia. Canada is woeful in this area. Sucks coming from a well connected city like London, UK to here, going from bus, tube & national rail saturation to limited trains and buses that are well expensive. Everyone drives everywhere, and they all own ‘trucks’, so much for being an environmentally concious country eh?

    But having said that, I also cannot wait to go back to China and ride these bad boy trains! And hopefully with you guys so we can have the insider scoop. We think about it often, and think about our limited time and how much more there is to see before the entire country totally westernises.

    Hugs and smooches from Sunny Canadia!


    PS Arnie rules. How are you feeling about the new Conan?!

  2. Marcus Says:

    Yeah I totally agree, I feel kind of worried that we’re going to ‘miss the boat’ with China, and by the time we go back it’ll be completely westernized, and everything that makes it good will be gone. You’d think that’d sound pretty stupid until you’re actually there and realise how fast things are changing!

    And I don’t know if i’d call Australia’s train infrastructure decent..passable but not decent. It’s in dire need of upgrades – yeah it’s functional, but it’s just not scaling up with the population. Blah!

    Re: New Conan – I’m pumped to see it this week! I hope it’s actually good, Conan rocks!

    Hugs & smooches back at ya 🙂

  3. Michael Says:

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