Toddler down and out of sight.


Over the recent weeks, my wife mentioned to me a particularly disturbing news story which came out of China. I am not generally surprised by this style of story being linked to China, as despite its rapid progress into the modern world, it remains a country with considerable social issues. This story was up there with some of the worst of them. Effectively, a two year old toddler has been wandering unattended in a busy street (nothing out of the usual here for China!) and has been hit by a van. The van driver has stopped, suspecting he’s hit someone, checked, noticed that he’s hit a toddler, has _driven over her again_ as he makes his exit. On top of this, dozens of passers by have walked past the downed child, paying her absolutely no heed, yet being completely aware that she may in fact be injured. Finally, and thankfully, someone did in fact bother to come to the child’s aid, scooping her up and taking her in for medical attention.

Despite the horror of the above, the child did in fact survive the initial encounter, but sadly, it has since been reported that she has now in fact died. The story has caused uproar within China, highlighting some seriously terrible social issues. In a a country built upon thousands of tiny communities, it is sad to think that they are all independent operators – how unless the child was directly linked to one of these passerby’s communities, the carefactor was simply zero.

If anything, I hope the death of this poor child does change something, because the whole standing around and watching without volunteering to help thing is ridiculously too commonplace in a country which prides itself on its patriotism.

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