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Bus ride from HELL

November 19, 2011

News which comes out of China can be sometimes mind-bogglingly bad. While every country has its problems and its fair share of bad stuff, the things that seem to happen in China often just defy reason. I think of things such as the recent child being knocked down then promptly ignored, to the person catching the bride attempting to suicide – grabbing her from a window as she fell. Then there’s the myriad of mine deaths which has become a Chinese staple, and of course old favourite, the CCTV building burning down due to being hit by Chinese New Year fireworks.

A few days ago a story broke which I have to say is up there with the worst of them – if not the worst. The long and short of it is a bus containing school children ploughed into a truck, killing 20. Now you could be forgiven for assuming 20 was almost everyone on board, but not so – this bus – this MINI-bus with 9 seats, was carrying..wait for it, _64_ people on board. 64! Unbelievable. Now while the crash is horrifying, I absolutely cannot fathom what it looked like inside that bus prior to the collision. Were they literally ramming them in the doors, stuffing every available space with kids?

The problem is, many Chinese don’t consider the longer term effects of their actions. They are more concerned with the hear and the now, and simply stuffing kids into a bus was a practical solution – at least, that’s about the only explanation I can give it. One thing is for sure, in this case, it’s actually lucky the driver died because if he somehow made it, he’d be first in line to visit his friendly local neighborhood firing squad.

Yes, there was 64 kids inside this minibus. No, I can't believe it either.

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