Dui Bu Qi 對不起我的中文不好


A friend linked this video a few months ago and I immediately really liked it. Firstly, the tune is catchy as hell – if you know a few words of Chinese, you’ll be singing it for at least the next week straight. And secondly, I know most of the Chinese words they are singing. While my Chinese is of course still very poor, it’s always a buzz to actually recognize those words you do know. I enjoy listening to foreigners speak Chinese as I can actually understand what they’re saying. There’s a world of difference between a heavily accented Chinese speaker and a foreigner when speaking Mandarin. Of course, the foreigner is likely speaking it very poorly, but at least I can understand it!

This is also something you can totally get away with in China. Got a hint of musical talent? Go to China, cruise around like a rock star. You may get the occasional anal probe at the airport (if expat stories are true!) but in China, you can seriously reinvent yourself any way you wish 🙂



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2 Responses to “Dui Bu Qi 對不起我的中文不好”

  1. Austin Guidry Says:

    I love that song! One of my Australian friends in Lanzhou is putting a band together to do this song, it’s really funny if you’ve got your beginning Chinese down!

  2. ordinary malaysian Says:

    对不起,我不要睡觉,你唱得好! Sorry, I don’t want to sleep, you sing well!

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