Back to Mandarin I go.


So I finally did it, I finally returned to Mandarin study. Last night I attended the first of 12 classes in level 2 Mandarin. It became immediately obvious that I was too high for the class, but I will stick with it for a few just to see how it goes. Despite knowing most of the things covered, there was still a few things here and there that I didn’t actually know-  for example, something as simple as I’m thirsty (wo ke le), yet I knew I’m hungry (wo e le).

No matter how much Mandarin I learn, there’s always other ways to say the same things that I come across. I knew wo bu cuo (I’m ok), but not wo hai keyi – which apparently means the same thing. It’s all good though, the more the merrier.

For the past few years I studied in quite intensive bursts and retained most of the language knowledge that I had learned – yet I have gone through a lengthy period of retaining it, but not actually learning anything new. Hopefully, by attending this class; even if it is too low a level for me, it will motivate me to continue. I have a real passion for foreign languages, I don’t know what it is but as I have gotten older they have become fascinating to me. My goal is to eventually learn a few other languages, so I can speak as much of them as I can Chinese. I think that when travelling to other countries, it adds considerable depth to the experience, and an extra appreciation of the culture if you can speak a little of the language – and I don’t mean just hello and goodbye.

I will be travelling to Europe in May, going from Copenhagen to England to visit my brother, then off to Rome for a week, down to the Amalfi Coast then home via Bangkok and Koh Samui. I hope to write about it as I go – perhaps shelving the China theme for just a few weeks.

In the meantime, I am tired as hell from lasts nights lesson. It amazes me just how head-tired language study can make me. When I was flat out studying characters on Skritter – I felt like a zombie.

Anyhow, wo dei shi pei le, wo you hen duo gong zuo yao zuo 😉


*edit – and wow, that was post number 150! I remember when I first started writing in this blog, having returned from China at the end of 2008. I wanted to get a few posts under my belt as there’s always that awkward period at the start of launching a new blog where it either continues indefinitely or simply fails. Next stop 300!


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5 Responses to “Back to Mandarin I go.”

  1. Austin Guidry Says:

    Props for being able to use Skritter – it freakin hates my Mac hahaha

    Definitely write about your trips! It won’t necessarily be about China, but it’ll be interesting to hear about new places.

  2. Marcus Says:

    How are you Austin? Any word from the peace corps?

  3. Austin Guidry Says:

    Hey, Marcus – I’m good, man! Just trying to find more steady work!

    Alas, the Peace Corps was not to be – I got a letter from them that said “Hey, you seem pretty good and you fulfill the language and education requirements, but we have zero vacancies at the moment, sorry.”

    So, I think I’ll just keep it up with A/V work, pay off my student loans, and then head back to China after that’s done – I’ve done some calculating, and I should be able to get most of them paid off by the end of the year or early next year!

    I’m heading back to Lanzhou this June for a couple of weeks and may go to 青海湖 or somewhere else relatively close for a couple of days, but that’s about all the exciting news on my end.


    Oh, and props on 150 posts! I know what you mean about that awkward period of pass or fail. I’m glad it passed, I always enjoy your posts!

  4. Marcus Says:

    Nice one! Why are you returning to Lanzhou, just for a visit? I was actually talking to my wife about this the other day. I would kill to be able to go back and visit Wuxi – to see how much its changed. We were talking about all of our local eateries that we’d like to go back and visit – and the street food, man, do i miss the street food – in particular, those sweetened or salty flatbreads.

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    I am just getting started on the Internet. I am retired now. I can see that there is a rich diversity in the blogs I am reading and I am trying to leave some comment whereever I visit. Your blog is not like most of the blogs that I read on the Intern…

    […]Back to Mandarin I go. « Life After China[…]…

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