The art of pissing


Earlier today, as I enjoyed a plate of pan fried dumplings, I saw something that I haven’t seen since living in China. Out front of the restaurant, in the middle of town, a Chinese toddler dropped his pants to his ankles, and had a nice big piss. Being a public holiday – like most weekends, the town was busy, yet being 99.9% Chinese, not one eyebrow was batted.

Just for the record, pissing in public in Australia is not considered acceptable – despite many city streets smelling of sweet sweet urine most Sunday mornings – thanks to drunk bogans the night before.

 The confidence in which this kid; who couldnt have been more than 2 or 3 years old just rocked up, dropped em and pee’d not only cracked me up, but suggested he’s done this many many times before. His family members soon flocked around him with big smiles on faces, pleased that their little boy was so smart!

We saw so much pissing in China, and not exclusively young kids either. It was not uncommon to see men of all ages flopping it out in public and fertilising the local flora. I remember one kid of around six years old, standing atop a flight of stairs in a busy shopping street – his piss cascading down the stairs not unlike the champagne fountains of the Chinese wedding we attended; epic piss.

Another fond (or was that foul?) memory was of an elderly woman folding her grandson almost in two so that he could unload his rear into a modern shopping centres rubbish bin. Good times.


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2 Responses to “The art of pissing”

  1. Austin Guidry Says:

    hahaha interesting post – I never would have thought to post about peeing in public, although I did see my fair share. I never did see anyone pee down a staircase, but I would’ve laughed if I did!

  2. Marcus Says:

    Hah i was just looking through the site stats and found someone had come to this site via the following search terms:
    ‘boy stair piss pics’

    I wonder if they read the post then were hoping for pics of the epic stair slash 😉

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