Racism downunder


 If there’s one thing that pisses me off from time to time, it’s how some Australian’s treat foreigners. While of course it doesn’t apply to everyone, there are definitely underlying currents of racism running beneath many ‘white’ Australian’s. Typically these people are our own form of ‘trailer trash’, that we affectionately (and I say affectionately with tongue firmly in cheek) refer to as ‘Bogans.’ Bogans are utter trash, and unfortunately everywhere.

You know that tattooed guy on the train who’s drunk as hell and absolutely stinks of alcohol, abusing people around him? Yep – bogan. Those two young feral girls swearing their heads off in public and talking about playing ‘spot the aussie’ while in the middle of a town with a large Asian population? Yeah – bogans. Those guys parading up and down the shopping centre with no top on and using an Australian flag as a cape while intimidating the Asians as they walk by them on the Australia Day public holiday? Correct! Bogans. 

These people are my least favourite part of living in Australia. It was actually refreshing living in China as there

was absolutely none of this element. While walking the super populated streets of Wuxi at night, the people were completely normal. Minding their own business, wandering around shopping and dining. There were no in your face abusive drunk idiots – and man was that refreshing.

Of course that element is also not so prevalent in Australia that it’s a day to day problem – I have definitely over-emphasised it – but it is there none the less.

I was reading this article this morning about some Chinese students who were bashed by a gang of teenagers in Sydney. These poor guys were not only beaten, but robbed while their attackers said things like, “They’re Asians, they have money,” and other fairly hideous acts such as burning them with cigarettes. I would bet any money that these people who attacked them were aforementioned bogan scum. It is seriously not cool as most Chinese students I know or see around the place, are about the most non-threatening, harmless people anywhere. I can only imagine the terror they felt at the hands of these ferals. Thankfully it appears they were arrested.

There were problems last year with similar happening to Indian students, where they were attacked and robbed for no reason, all the while being racially abused. In the case of the Indian students, there was uproar back in India, and the same is happening now in China. Even old Kevin Rudd has dusted off his Foreign Minister hat and has been posting sympathetic comments in Chinese on various Chinese social media sites.

Old KRudd all across the Chinese social media

Australia most definitely is a secure country. You do not need to walk around looking over your shoulder or worrying that something like the above might happen. However, like in ANY country anywhere (including India and China), you also have to be aware of your surroundings and not take unnecessary risks. It is possible that these Chinese students were simply unlucky, but it did occur after midnight – and well, if you want to exponentially reduce your chances of this kind of thing happening, avoid travelling too late at night.

Anyhow, there is my 2 cents.

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9 Responses to “Racism downunder”

  1. Austin Guidry Says:

    yeah, we have our share of those people in Texas…..we’re rather famous for it, unfortunately. I’ve got some rednecks in my family who, when I talk about China, talk about those “Commies that are out to get us and abuse their own people” and that kind of thing….it’s hard, almost impossible to fight that kind of ignorance once it reaches a certain point, but I always want to try

  2. Marcus Says:

    Heh yeah i’ve heard of Texas rednecks.

    When are you heading to China? I’m off to europe for a month from tomorrow which should be great.

  3. Austin Guidry Says:

    I’m going on June 13th to see some friends graduate and observe some classes. I’ll be there for a little less than a month, and then I come home to wrap up some obligations I have here, and then I go back to China on August 26th to stay!

    Europe? Awesome!! Can’t wait to hear about it!

  4. shutoexpress Says:

    I’m truly sorry for your experience .
    I live in the city to avoid these scum bags and pay very high rent
    This is how much I want to avoid these uneducated peices of trash

  5. Baz Says:

    Have you contracted a spot of yellow fever mate?

  6. shutoexpress Says:

    Lol baz

  7. shutoexpress Says:

    I mean brad.

  8. shutoexpress Says:


  9. Marcus Says:

    Spam comments or what?

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