Hygge in Copenhagen


Denmark has come and gone and I find myself in London. It has been great to see my brother and his girlfriend and explore one of the worlds great cities, but the dominating feeling here is of being cold. Maybe it’s due to not being acclimatized, or maybe I’m just being a panzy but man, it’s so damned cold! Jumping back across the North Sea, I really miss Copenhagen. It surprises me that England can be so dreary in the weather department while just a short distance away, Denmark is enjoying clear blue skies and sunshine.

Copenhagen was just such a surprisingly nice place to spend some time. The Danish notion of ‘Hygge’ – spending quality time with friends and just relaxing, permeated the entire city. From the food to the beautiful old lanes and streets, Copenhagen was an amazing introduction to Europe for a first timer. I thoroughly enjoyed exploring London yesterday, but the weather had me more focused on my own discomfort(again, panzy!) rather than my surroundings. Perhaps we just got lucky in Denmark, but regardless, the beautiful weather allowed us to really enjoy the experience.

I made every effort to sample as much of Denmark as was possible within a mere few days. From devouring delicious pickle covered hotdogs to ploughing into Godzilla sized traditional Danish pork sandwiches. Each day we’d set off from our hotel which was nestled in the dodgy red light district and hit the cobblestones. We capped off our trip with a beer in the fading sunlight in one of the many little squares.

As we wandered around, it still spun me out to see different nationalities speaking European languages. I’d see Asians and Indians walking around speaking Danish and it’s always interesting to hear how their entire voice changes depending on their native tongue. For now it’s off into the English countryside in the dreary grey. I’m sure it will be interesting but my mind is still lingering on Denmark or moreso, Monday and Italy.



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2 Responses to “Hygge in Copenhagen”

  1. Austin Guidry Says:

    fantastic! I’m actually doing a bit of traveling myself – I’m eating my way through New Orleans and went to a couple of days of Jazz Fest (although I gotta say, with the heat, I wouldn’t mind a few days in Denmark haha)

    have a great time in England and Italy!

  2. Marcus Says:

    Thanks mate! It’s funny you should mention New Orleans, was just talking about there with my brother the other night. He’s returning to Australia in October via the American south. I’d like to check I tout for myself….too many places too little time!

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