Beijing’s awesome ‘Two Fly’ rule.


It always sucks returning to reality after a lengthy stint overseas. Last weekend I returned from one month overseas and have been playing catch-up ever since. I had planned to blog more while away, but writing them out on iPhone proved simply too infuriating. The amount of times the damned phone would change words around had me almost tossing it against the wall.

Since returning I’ve forced myself to re-enrol into the next level of Mandarin Chinese which will kick off again on a weekly basis. I enjoy the classes. The teacher is great, there’s an interesting mix of people who don’t make you feel silly when talking with them in Chinese, but man – it’s such a struggle to force myself to turn up. I think it’s just language learning as a whole as opposed to Chinese. It required considerable motivation, and after a long busy day work…that’s something that’s often in short supply.

Anyhow, enough of that – as I was doing my regular reading about the net, I came across this story concerning the cleanliness of Beijing’s public toilets. A series of criteria has been put together to improve the overall sanitation of Beijing’s public bathrooms – one of them being a ‘two fly’ rule. Someone somewhere has decided that any more than two flies in a bathroom is simply unacceptable!
I love this rule! What I want to know is, who has come up with this brilliant idea? What tests have been carried out to determine that three flies or above is filth? What happens if a third fly enters the bathroom? What systems are in place to monitor the number of flies in the bathrooms at any given time? Will someone be employed specifically to remove excess flies?

Only in China could a guideline like this exist, and this is precisely why I miss being there.


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