Home is where the highway is


In China, the unstoppable progress juggernaut has claimed the homes of millions of people. From the relocations due to the flooding of the Three Gorges, to the entire Olympic facility and a bajillion miles of highway in between, nothing can seemingly stop it. Except for this man that is. Upon refusing to vacate his home, this stubborn individual now lives in the middle of a highway. The Government will normally pay out people for their homes, offering them the same amount of space but in apartment. Sometimes if you had a particularly large home, you would get several apartments out of the deal. This poor guy simply wants another home. In the Chinese future, unfortunately that particular luxury is becoming fewer and further between (well unless you’re a party member of course), with high rise living being the new norm.

This particular house was labeled a ‘nail house’, which is a Chinese term to refer to people who simply wont move when ordered to- ie ‘stubborn nails’.

A famous Chongqing nail house


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