I’m heading back to China! (briefly)


Well after 9 years I’m finally heading back to China! Technically there I was there 2 years ago to celebrate my 40th in Hong Kong, but this time around I’ve picked up some ridiculously cheap tickets and am going to Beijing for 7 days on a bit of a solo travelling mission.

I can’t wait to see how China has changed in those 9 years. Had I a choice I would have gone back to Shanghai – which would have made it easy to then jump back to Wuxi and/or Suzhou, but Beijing was a really chill city and one I had fond memories of.

My mandarin is rusty but still pretty good as I have never really stopped studying it. I’m keen as hell to walk around and just hang out rather than hit up the tourist sites, but in saying that I’ll likely return to the Forbidden City and maybe even back to the Wall.

This time I’ll be taking an SLR rather than the crappy point and shoot compact camera I had in 2008. Can you believe I lived for just under a year in China and only had a shitty little camera to document it?! I suppose technology has changed a lot since then – hell, I remember drooling for my return to Australia to pick up the first iPhone.

Good times.

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2 Responses to “I’m heading back to China! (briefly)”

  1. austinguidry Says:

    Fantastic news – glad to hear you’ll be coming back for a bit! Yours was one of the blogs I read before I came to China. I came here in February 2011 and I’m STILL here!!!!! Hahahaha it’s been a long time. I think you’ll find a completely different China than you experienced in 2008….I know things have changed a lot here since I have lived here! Though it’s a shame you’ll just be in Beijing, I can’t wait to hear your perspective on this crazy country after being away for so long – cheers!

  2. Marcus Says:

    Holy crap dude, i cant believe you’re still there! I was thinking about you the other day and wondering if some way some how you were still there and lo and behold, you are! Are you still blogging? I’ll have some back reading to do if so! I’ve fallen off the China blog bandwagon over the years, I guess the longer spent away from the place the harder it has been to maintain a link. Though in saying that, in recent years China has become so much more prevelant in world news. Melbourne is absolutely choc-full of the Chinese these days – and oddly Koreans. I’m not sure what that’s all about, they may have opened up some visas to encourage South Korean students over here or something.

    Either way I’m pumped to be back there and yeah it’s a pity I’m not there longer or i’d have totally come found you for a beer in Lanzhou – assuming you’re still there.

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