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A crack in progress

March 15, 2012

And hot off the back of yesterday’s discussion of rapid upgrading of infrastructure leading to collapse and failure, a 108 million yuan bridge (or $17.5 million) bridge across the Lianshui river in Hunan province has ‘snapped’. While the cause is being investigated (translation: those responsible are being sent to re-education camps), it’s believed that the cause of the breakage was due to premature removal of scaffolding.

All I know is, better now while it’s half constructed than when busloads of people are streaming across it.

I can understand why China is rushing to play catch-up, but ultimately, what is the cost? While travelling around, particularly over bridges or things that could ‘fall’, (aka chairlifts), shoddy construction was always at the back of my mind, as incidents such as this bridge cracking are a somewhat frequent occurrence.

I remember setting off up the side of the mountain in Xihui park, Wuxi and distinctly looking at the massive gear which drove the chairlift. Around the gear were boxes and boxes of drinks to restock the tiny drink counter, and other empty boxes and rubbish. Most things were caked in layers of dust. I couldn’t help but think – when was this last maintained? But as the chairlift took off – I pushed it from my mind, it was probably better not to know.

Ideally what should be this... unfortunately this.

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