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Return of the Sleeping Chinese!

June 3, 2010

If there’s one thing I have always loved about China, it’s sleeping Chinese. If there’s one thing the Chinese absolutely excel at, it’s sleeping. Anytime; anyplace; if it has a reasonably flat surface; – ok check that – any surface at all, is suitable for a midday kip. In fact, all Chinese work places don’t simply allow break time for eating, but also factors in having a nap. It is quite common for Chinese workers to have approximately two hours break per day, where they may be working longer hours than most western staff members; it factors in having a brief nap.

Shanghai Scrap has reported on this taking place at Expo, where a long boulevard of sheltered double-benches has proven a perfectly suitable sleeping environment for the weary Chinese. It always cracks me up when they not only curl up in a public place for a rest, but take their shoes off – one must air out those socks!

We came across so many Sleeping Chinese(tm) while in China. I often envy their ability to sleep; particularly while on sleeper trains. I suspect most Chinese could even sleep while being hung upside down, as the bumpy, often noisy trains didn’t faze them in the least; their deep restful snores often keeping me more awake than the train itself!

I have one particularly fond memory of our driver, waiting for us while we had our medical exams for entry visas. As we returned to the car, he was out like a light in the front seat, his two socked feet poking out of the window.

If you’re interested in seeing photos of Sleeping Chinese; and let’s face it, who isn’t, go check out Sleeping Chinese, which is an entire archive of them! Failing that, there are 36 of them at Shanghai Scrap – and that’s just from one afternoon!

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