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Another day another mining incident.

June 1, 2009

It’s been reported that at least 30 workers are dead in a mine blast near Chongqing. Every couple of weeks something like this will occur to the point that you’d be pretty bloody desperate – or probably more accurately ; have little to no choice, when it comes to working in a Chinese mine. I would love to see the statistics for how many Chinese miners die every year as only a fraction of them would be actually reported by the Government. As China advances into the modern world, things like improving the safety for works needs to become a top priority. While terribly interesting as a culture, and on the surface appearing to becoming modern, China still has an incredibly long road to tread before it can call itself 1st world.

Love dont live here no more.

May 20, 2009

As reported earlier in the week, China was all set to realise its dream of owning its very first Sex themed tourist park. Love Land, in Chongqing, Sichuan province promised to add that sexual history, sex position workshops and giant genital element that China was clearly lacking. Whilst it was all full-steam ahead, various officials have complained labeling the park “vulgar, ill-minded and misleading,” not unlike how they disputed America’s report on Chinese military strength. Love Land was sadly torn down over the weekend and shall remain a dream forever more.

R.I.P Love Land, May 2009.

Welcome to Love Land!

May 17, 2009

Keeping in tradition with many other countries – mostly Asian (surprise surprise),  China is building its first ‘sex theme park.’ Situated in the very populous Chongqing, it contains attractions such as a History of Sex display, giant statues of genitals and models of naked bodies. If that doesn’t immediately entice you, how about the chance to participate in workshops to improve your sex techniques and safe sex methods?

I predict this place to be an absolute hit. You could build a theme park dedicated to toilets and it would be still be swarming with Chinese tourists. The Chinese are rapidly enthusiastic tourists; usually found in packs of identical cap wearing groups, following someone spruiking into a megaphone. Try enjoying the serenity of an ancient Chinese garden with multiple tourist trains cruising through – I highly recommend the experience.

Sex is somewhat of a taboo in China, with things such as pornography and prostitution being outright banned. This doesn’t mean they’re not rampant. One thing we saw absolutely plenty of while living there was brothels. Of course they were under the guise of a hair salon – but when you have 4-5 scantily clad young girls sitting in the front window under a red light – well yeah – hair salon, sure. They werent even tucked away into seamier areas. You would be walking along the street, and pass a baker, fruit store, brothel, hardware store, another baker, another brothel, cigarette store, convenience store, etc etc.

The other thing that had us somewhat stumped was what looked to be girly type shows. Next door to the school campus where we lived was a theatre of sorts. Inside was a large stage and seating auditorium that the school would often use for its graduation type ceremonies and other festivities. Every now and then this theatre would have posters out front with photos of girls in bikinis – like a full on girly type show for guys. God knows what was going on in there.

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