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Get rid of it!

May 12, 2010

The China Economic Times reported that the deaths of approximately four children and sickness of a further 74 was due to the delivery of bad vaccines. The vaccines had purposely not been refrigerated in order to prevent label stickers from peeling off them – thus causing the problem.

First reported by well known investigative journalist Wang Keqin, it was promptly yanked from the paper’s website, and the Chief Editor; Bao Yueyang, removed from his position. Up until this point in time, Bao Yueyang had been a vocal supporter of the article, saying that:

‘In order to ensure that the lives of China’s children are kept safe, we will fight until the end.’

The report caused an immediate stir across China though mere hours later had been completely downplayed by the media on direct orders from the Propaganda Department.

Officials in Shanxi province said that Mr Wang’s story was flat-out wrong, but refused to actually provide any further details as to the how and why’s.

It strikes me as odd that the Chinese government would move to try and hide something like this, where in the famous milk tainting of 2008, officials involved were outright executed. Perhaps it’s because of previous events such as the tainting that they are trying to keep a tighter grip on what is actually released, as we all know, China’s image in these areas isn’t exactly spic n span.

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