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Another day, another Chinese mine disaster.

November 25, 2009

Bless me father for I have sinned, but please don’t let me come back as a Chinese miner. Yes there has been yet another mining related accident in China, this time in a mine near the city of Hegang in NorthEastern China. A gas blast has claimed the lives of 107 (so far) people, and the locals are not happy at all about it. It is the worst mining disaster since 123 people were killed in a mine in Southern Guangdong province when it flooded.

Thousands of people are reportedly killed each year in Chinese mines – and that’s only those lucky enough to be reported – it is possible the number of unreported deaths is expotentially larger again. While China continues to go through periods of massive resource-hungry growth, the emphasis put on obtaining those resources is heavy. If China is ever going to take its place in the world as a first world country power – if it ever wants to get up there on a level such as the United States, then things such as this simply must be brought to an end.

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