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Jie Zheng through to the 3rd round of the Australian Open…again

January 17, 2013

It’s funny – I noticed a large spike in the webstats yesterday, the culprit being an article I wrote some three years ago about Jie Zheng moving through to the 3rd round of the Australian Open. Well as chance would have it, she’s done it again 🙂

In what local media is calling a choke, Australian favourite Sam Stosur had the match in the palm of her hand, being up 5-2 in the third set. You would think that this would be an almost irreversible lead  – but not so, as she then went on to lose the next 5 games straight, losing the match 6-4, 1-6, 7-5.

That’s the good thing about tennis – anything can happen. Even the biggest lead can suddenly turn into a loss when the pressure, physical strain or even weather conditions rear their ugly head. It was a nice mild mid-20’s day in Melbourne yesterday – not so today! Today we’re heading into the top 30’s, and as I type this, the sweat is literally pouring from the hat of poor old Jo-Wilfried Tsonga as he does battle with Japan’s Soeda.

In other news, I am heading to the tennis tonight to see Federer play against Nikolay Davydenko. We are absolutely stoked to get Federer – worried that we’d get Tomic whose instead playing this afternoon. When Australian’s get further into the Open, you can almost be assured they’ll be put onto centre court and be televised. Having been to the Open several times in the past few years, each time we were hoping to see Feds while he was still in form. Booyah!

Jie Zheng

It’s my fault!

January 29, 2009

Well I did mention how nice it was to come home from a Chinese Summer period(which lasted at least 6 months opposed to the regular 3) to enjoy Australia’s more regular temperature. I mentioned that we were having a cooler than usual Summer and well – it was nice.

Well that all changed this week! We have been absolutely sweltering under 40+ degree celcius temperatures. It is the biggest heat wave we have experienced in years, and well, it was possibly my fault! Karma can be a real bitch 🙂

In other news, the Chinese tennis player Jie Zheng I had previously been speaking about dropped out of the 4th round of the Australian Open due to a wrist injury. As a result, Zheng(ranked 22) went down to Russia’s Svetlana Kuznetsova(ranked 8), 4 games to 1.


Jie Zheng continues through to 3rd round of Australian Open.

January 23, 2009

My new found interest in this Chinese tennis player continues. While i dont believe it was broadcast, Jie Zheng has in fact beaten her 2nd round opponent Melinda Czink. Being only a mild tennis fan, I have no idea who that was 🙂 Final scores were 7-6(0) 5-7 6-3.

What definitely will be broadcast however is Federer vs Safin on centre court tonight. That should be a cracker of a game. Here’s hoping Federer gets through – a Federer vs Nadal finale would be a classic.

The Australian Open

January 20, 2009

Melbourne Park, Melbourne.

Today, in blistering 41 degree weather, we spent several hours at the Australian Open. It was a bright sunny day, but man, was it hot. Funny that it should be this kind of temperature where just one post ago I was saying how I was glad that Melbourne’s Summer had been somewhat cooler than normal! It’s not uncommon for the Australian Open to be hit with heatwaves however. We often watch these poor players with uncontrollable sweat running down their faces battling it out – and on some occasions, calling it a day due to sheer heat exhaustion.

We watched a set or so of Richard Gasquet versus Diego Junqueira(Gasquet going on to win), but the heat was very difficult to deal with. While there was not the humidity of China, there was the burning sun in a clear blue sky. In China, while the heat was oppressive, the sun was not often out(when it came out..look out!). The sun was usually hidden behind cloud/smog cover – keeping the humidity in with nowhere to go. But in Sunny that Sun had bite.


Jie Zheng belting out a powerful shot.

Retiring from the court – which other than what you brought with you, was completely lacking in shade, we grabbed some cooling sushi, some water, then wandered around the other courts. We settled in and watched some games between China’s Jie Zheng and France’s Camille Pin. Zheng went on to beat her 6-3, 6-3. I found myself rooting for the Chinese player. I said to Courtney, “If there were no aussies playing, I’d go for the Chinese players.” I feel like I have this affiliation with the country.

We sat there smiling at an enthusiastic Chinese guy on the opposite side of the court. He was waving his large Chinese flag when not using it as a cape(aka protection from the sun). He would start a cheer, “Jie Zheng! Jie Zheng!”, pronouncing her name correctly, sounding like “Jong”, while the referee in true clueless westerner style pronounced it as “Jeng.” I suppose it’s good they at least had the ZH = J sound right, though you cant expect everyone to know every other cultures pronuciations I guess – particularly Chinese where some of them are really quite difficult and completely different to english(ie: zh, ts, x etc).

It was also great to hear some of the Chinese spectators chatting. Whenever we hear Chinese being spoken, our ears prick up, recognizing words. Hearing things like xiexie and ZhongGuo! ZhongGuo! (China! China!) really floats our boat!

Anyhow it was a great day though marred by the extreme weather. It hit 41 before cooling down in the late afternoon. We didn’t particularly favour being burnt to a crisp so retired early. We rounded out the day with a nice fish and salad meal and a long soak in the spa. Next year we’ll try and get to the open again. We were sad not to be able to catch the tennis in Shanghai while we were in China. For anyone interested in going to the Australian Open, we highly reccomend it.

Gasquest vs Junqueira

Gasquet vs Junqueira

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