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The taste of outrage!

October 31, 2011

There has been horror, outrage and upping of arms as a business traveler to China has noticed in one local Chinese restaurant, Koala has appeared on the menu. For a measley 139 yuan ($20.00 AUD approx), you can have yourself a deliciously braised Koala! Mmmmh-mMmm!

While not 100% confirmed to be a Koala (also supposedly described as some kind of Chinese tree-bear..thing) the reporter was also quoted as saying:

“There’s a carrot in the cage, the idiots have put a carrot in there.”

How stupid are the Chinese! They don’t even know that Koala’s eat eucalyptus leaves! Ok – sarcasm aside, I don’t particularly like the thought of our cuddly little marsupials with the massive claws ending up in Chinese cooking pots – however, I have doubts that it is in fact a Koala – and moreso, this whole story absolutely wreaks of clueless visitor to a foreign country being shocked by the fact that the culture is different from their own. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if person who sent in this story was the same person who when I mentioned that I love the food in Box Hill (my Chinese infested town), turned their nose up and joked about me catching something.

I would love to then see how this person feels when they discover that half the zoo dwells in the typical Chinese supermarket. Fish, turtles, eels, bugs, chickens..and I bet behind dark corners, dogs..cats and every other conceivable animal.

While I do not necessarily agree with the Chinese eating every living thing under the sun, the whole up in arms shock and horror reaction is always amusing.

The 'delicious' 'Koala' in question.

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