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Swine denial, denied

May 4, 2009

China has been accused of discriminating against Mexicans as the rest of the world runs around panicking about Swine Flu. A number of Mexican nationals have reputedly been held in quaratine as China fights to protect it’s overwhelmingly large populace from this months latest medical fad. One particular individual, a 25 year old Mexican flew from Mexico to Hong Kong to Shanghai. The Chinese then quarantined him, everyone on his plane, and everyone who happened to be in the Hong Kong hotel to boot. I swear to god if i had been staying in that hotel in HK and been yanked in my jammies into quarantine…i’d be pissed!
The Chinese have a right to be somewhat paranoid of large scale infectious spread – they’re not exactly the world’s most hygenic country. Several years ago they largely blamed foreigners for the SARs epidemic – and of course, it wouldn’t have had anything to do with fact they cough, piss and snot rocket nonstop while not washing their hands would it?

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