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Expo is go!

May 5, 2010

The world Expo has kicked off and as expected, the crowds have been nasty – so much so I feel tired just reading about it. A combination of heat, lack of shade and massive queues are unsurprisingly leading to tourist angst and frustration.

The Expo is set across a massive park which is divided into five large sections. Two of the most popular pavilions; USA and Japan, are on opposite ends, with an approximate hour long walk to get from one to the other. Due to the lack of shade, people are forced to use the shadows cast by these grand structures themselves in order to avoid actually tanning – which we all know is a big no no in China. White skin = happiness!

Anyone who has been to China will know that the sun can be ridiculously potent during the summer months, and whilst it is still only Spring, temperatures will be climbing by the day. Due to the ever present smog layer, it’s not particularly common to have clear skies, and hot days are generally a combination of sweat inducing humidity, and a super glary smoggy haze sky. When that sun does poke through the smog however, the combination of the heat and humidity is an absolute killer.

People have been turning out in droves for the Expo after it was opened on the weekend with a massive fireworks display and typical epic (and somewhat gaudy) live Chinese extravaganza. Despite the complaints regarding unintuitive layout, queuing and heat, you can be assured that the Chinese patriotism on display would be so in your face it would be almost difficult to stomach.

I only wish I could get there myself, as despite the pain and frustration, it would still be a blast. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I most definitely do heart Shanghai.

Shanghai World Expo 2010 – worth the wait?

April 29, 2010

Judging by what I have just read over on Shanghai Scrap, no goddamned way!

I can’t say I am much of a fan of World Expo’s, but I do like the thought of travelling some place exotic to visit one. I remember years ago when I was a young teen, everyone used to talk excitedly about all the wonderous things that would be on display in the World Expo held in Brisbane Australia. I recall things such as indoor snow, a working chairlift through certain European pavillions, and even a completely man-made beach, were high on the ‘must see’ lists.

The Shanghai expo however-  it just doesn’t appeal. While some of the buildings look weird and wonderful, the photos of the ridiculously massive lines just make me feel dead on the inside. What’s worse, while these 100,000 (of the expected 600,000 at peak) people are patiently waiting..they’re getting rained on!

What can possibly be inside those pavillions to make that titanic wait worthwhile? If you ask me – nothing. I’d rather visit any particular country, rather than seeing a moving version of travel brochure which effectively tells nothing about the country itself.
I suppose for the Chinese – particularly those who have never been out of the country (and likely never will get out) it’s a huge event. But for the jaded foreigner who can not look past the queues….pass.

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