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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Again!

December 16, 2009

What better way to enjoy the snow than in downtown Beijing! No I am not referring to the Government created snowstorms that created havoc in the city mere weeks ago, but the Happy Snow and Ice Season carnival that is now on at the Birds Nest.

Boasting a 5130 metre area of one metre thick man-made snow, for 180rmb you can enjoy ice skating, skiing, and snowboarding and of course, dog sled races.

It’s reported that it takes upwards of 16,000 cubic litres of water to create the snow, in a city that has been suffering from severe drought and water shortages for years now. The carnival is incentive by the Government to recover some of the 70 million rmb it costs to run the entire complex on a yearly basis.

Initially the complex was attracting over 50,000 people per day, likely masses of highly patriotic Chinese tourists in the wake of the Olympics, but now it’s down to a mere several thousand and is quickly turning into a money sink.

Who knows, by this time next year the entire complex might be bulldozed in favour of high-rise apartments, or perhaps a Great Wall themed amusement park, either way, I gobble up little news items such as this with amused interest, the randomness never gets old.

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