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Clear the Calendar

January 7, 2009
So your social calendar for the month of May is looking a little dull.  What to do?  Why not indulge in your love of steamed buns and head to Cheung Chau in Hong Kong for the annual Bun Festival?  

The festival is celebrated on the eighth day of the fourth moon in the Chinese calendar, coinciding with the celebration of Buddha’s birthday.  The festival encompasses traditional Chinese culture, with the highlight being the Bun Snatching event.

Competitors race to collect the highest number of buns from bun towers.

Competitors racing to snatch buns from the tower.


 The bun snatch was banned back in the 70s after one of the bun towers collapsed (no surprises there).  However, with renewed safety precautions, the race is back and is becoming one of the most popular parts of the festival.  Competitors race up the towers to grab as many buns in an allocated time frame.  The higher the bun, the greater the  fortune (and points) received.  The person with the highest number of points wins.

I’m assuming, although cannot confirm, that on top of the great fortune, you also win the buns.

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