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Few and far between

July 20, 2009

As my life has become progessively busier my spare time to blog has steadily decreased though I promise it’s not forgotten! A lot of interesting China related news has occured over the past several weeks which I have been keeping an eye on. Firstly we had the anniversary of the Tiananmen massacre pass by without issue, incident or even word. While the western nations put up articles and features detailing that particularly dark part of China’s history, the Chinese made every effort to ensure the date passed by quietly and without notice. I suspect that most of China’s youth are not even aware of it and have considered quizzing one of my former students who I email from time to time. CNN ran an interesting series of question & answer sessions with Chinese teens asking what they knew of the event and their associated thoughts and it was interesting to find that those who knew about it were upset by it, and approximately half of them were not aware of it, or gave it little creed due it sounding something like ancient history.


We also saw an Australian Rio Tinto employee, Stern Hu, arrested in Shanghai by Government operatives. It was reported that Stern Hu had stolen state secrets in relation to a recent falling through of a huge deal between Chinalco and Rio Tinto. While there’s been pressure on Australia’s Prime Minister to act, it’s been increasingly obvious that despite being fluent in Mandarin, Kevin Rudd has little to no influence, let alone respect, within the Chinese Government community. While old Johnny Howard was seen by many as being beyond his years, he was respected by many world leaders; something that takes time to nurture. All I know is, whether Stern Hu is innocent or guilty, I personally wouldn’t want to be held by the Chinese with a charge against my name. The Chinese are well known fabricators of mis-truths and when their mind is set on something, well let’s just wish Mr Hu luck; innocent or guilty.


And finally we have the violence against the Uighur minority in the eastern city of Urumqi. China has admitted to killing approximately 13 Uighurs who were reportedly attacking Han Chinese citizens and would not respond to typical anti-rioting tactics. This is not a new issue and is if anything a re-occuring event. The Uighurs have been treated poorly and it has reached a point where they will take no more. Unfortunately this explosion of anger was directed at the Han Chinese of which many Uighur’s consider their oppressors. Rioting and taking the fight to the Han Chinese however is the quickest path to extinction as the Chinese have no qualms about cracking down with a clenched iron fist. It’s amazing the comparisons that arise between Tibet and Urumqi when you look at the facts – if you can find them.

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