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China’s military might….might be untrue!

March 26, 2009

And in other news today a US military report has said that China’s ongoing investment into sophisticated weaponary is changing the balance of power within the Asia region – and China is not happy about it. The report states that their investments into cyber, nuclear and various other forms of military technology could be used to enforce Beijing’s claims over disputed territories. Currently China continues to dispute ownership over Tibet and Taiwan. Will they next suddenly get it in their head that they own Japan too?

To continue this weeks China news trend, China’s foreign spokesman has come back with:

“This report issued by the US side continues to play up the fallacy of the so-called China military threat.”

“…making groundless accusations against China so as not to further damage the two sides’ military relations.”

So basically if something goes against what the Chinese government makes public, it’s a lie. If you’re proposing to do something China doesn’t want you to do(ie: allow the Dalai Lama into your country for a summit) China will threaten that it will strain future relations.

I for one am glad I am just an ordinary citizen and not some kind of diplomat who would have to be dealing with what truly is a most interesting country. I typed that with a smile.

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