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Pissing in China – the greatest question of all.

June 5, 2013

Once upon a time, I made a post about people in China pissing in public. I then even made a post about that post, commenting on how it regularly comes up in the webstats as a search term. Today I am making a further post to question this great phenomenon.


Why oh why are so many people searching for pissing in China??!  The search term that caught my eye today was none other than, “Chinese pissing websites”
What the fuck people!


Seriously – if you yourself have happened to search for pissing in China, i’d love if you could stop by and fill me in as to why. It’s one of life’s great (miniscule) mysteries.



The obligatory pissing image.

Of course by writing this post, i’ve damned myself to another ten years of pissing in China search results plaguing my webstats 🙂

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